When companies like concrete services Coquitlam build something, oftentimes, they need to demolish, whether it is a sidewalk, driveway, building foundation, or any other structures that are made of concrete. When this happens, they are left with a heavy and bigger amount of concrete that they need to toss away by crushing all of the concrete before they build anew.  

However, because of the amount of concrete being put to waste, there is a growing concern on how to recycle these huge amounts of used concrete.  

The Advantage of Recycling Used Concrete 

There are many benefits that recycling concrete serves. First, it reduces construction and waste as well as prevents filling in the landfills. In connection to this, it cuts the budget allotted for concrete waste transportation. Second, it provides a good effect on the environment as recycling means replacing the materials that needed to be mine to be used for building constructions.  

How Do You Recycle Concrete? 

There is equipment specially designed for pulverizing concrete such as the industrial crushing large impactors. The used concrete is broken before crushing it and segregating. It also involves processes like separators, water flotation, and magnets.  

There are several ways on how to recycle concrete and one of the basic steps that is needed to do is to find suitable equipment that is able to do the job. There is equipment that crushes the concrete, while there are others that pulverize it. When choosing the right processing equipment, the following things are needed to be taken into consideration: 

1.The system could be manual, remote, or automatic 

2.It needs to have a good and powerful water flotation or electromagnet as well as air separator system that can pull the steel from the concrete 

3.They can also have jaws, cones, conveyors that can provide complete processing of the used concrete, from demolishing the old material to making it usable. 

4.The separate hydraulic stands will make the setup faster and more efficient  

What are the Uses of Recycled Concrete? 

The recycled concrete is able to function just like what new materials do: gravel, aggregates, or paving materials. The following are the uses that old concrete can serve: 

1.Used as a base for an asphalt paving. The concrete pavement is broken in its place through a process called rubblization and used as a lower layer for asphalt material.  

2.Pavement for driveways, walkways, and other outdoor surfaces. Broken concrete provides a stable, porous surface that enables the rain water to filter through, which leads to a reduced amount of water runoff to the sewer systems. 

3.For building new ocean reef habitats. They can be used to create a firm foundation for new corals. 

4. They can be sued for mulch and other ground covers 

5.Used for preventing streambank erosion.  

6.Can be used as a substitute for new concrete material. This saves a lot of energy and resources. 

Final thoughts 

Concrete is one of the most used materials for different construction: from driveways, buildings, foundations, and walkways. And every day, new buildings, and driveways are being built that need concrete material, as well as some old constructions are being demolished produce tons of concrete waste. Recycling will provide a lot of benefits to the owner, company, and environment.