The Importance of Independent Property Valuation

When it comes to making an investment, we make sure that we are making a beneficial deal to us, and this applies whenever we want to purchase a good property or estate. You oftentimes get valuation reports from the real estate agents upon the purchase, but it is highly recommended that you get an independent property valuation to get a non-biased report of the property. There are many different types of valuation services such as Business Valuation Services provide valuation services in making business transactions and property valuation services that provide good advice in purchasing properties.  

Hiring an independent property valuation are mostly based on the following factors: 

1.Fittings and fixtures 

2.Location and property 

3.Size of the land and building 

4.The number and the type of rooms 

5.Comparative sales in the area 

6.Details of the issues or area that need development 

7.Building structure and its conditions 

8.Planning, restriction, and council zoning 

Whether you are directly purchasing a property for investment, or you are applying for a property mortgage, hiring an independent valuation service will guarantee you an efficient and careful deal and a good investment. They will not just inform you about the actual market value of the property or the house, but will also inform you about the potential rent rate as well as the market score risk. They can also provide you property photographs that could serve as your reference if you want to have a building inspection.  

When it comes to having an investment, you need to make sure that it grows over time, and degrade, and this should be the goal in every property management. A good independent valuator will look for the important aspects that can affect your investment not just at the present but also in the future. What is the worth of the property? How would it turn out if it is going be resold?  

Hiring an independent valuation service will also help you not just in negotiation but also in identifying the houses and properties as well as their features that you are eligible to. This part of purchasing or planning to purchase is very important as you will see the list of options that you have to have a better choice.  

How to find a good valuer? 

You need to consider that there are several valuers that may offer their services to you but not all valuers are created equal. This is why it is important that you take time to research, read reviews, ask for recommendations and references, as well as ask the right questions to your prospective valuer. There are many things you need to consider such as their legibility, truthfulness, ability to handle, and communicate with customers, but according to one expert, the service needs to be a member of the Australian Property Institute to secure that the service you want to hire is eligible.  

Final thoughts 

Having a property is one of the most profitable investments you can have as its price does not deteriorate. In fact, its price goes up over time. But of course, you need to make sure you doing the right investment. 

Tips for a Better Home Renovations Planning

Having renovations will surely benefit you and your property a lot, as this upgrade will make the house more beautiful and increase the property value. However, when it comes to renovations, planning might be a difficult step. There are many ways on how to plan for renovations and this includes finding out what you want and your personal preferences. While there are several Home Renovation Contractor that you can trust, and who could provide you with an excellent service, there are also tips you can do to minimize errors on planning on renovations.  

The following are the tips for better home renovations planning: 

1.Budget the cost 

When you are doing renovations, there is a tendency that you will fall prey to purchasing unnecessary materials and doing unnecessary changes t the point that you lose track of what is important to change, leading to more expenses. When you put a limit to your budget, you become guided of what is important and what is necessary.  

2.Divide first, and think holistically 

Renovations are doing small changes that you think are necessary. However, you need to take note that changing one thing to another might cause an imbalance in the overall interior of the house. This is why it is important to see things as a whole and make sure that the new changes are able to compromise with the old interior design.  


Of course, researching is part of being thrifty and practical. Find local stores that are selling good quality furniture and other home decors at an affordable price. Or, you can even research some DYI how to create your home decors, paint, etc. You will be surprised by the number of options you have and the savings you can gain 

Tips for interior designing: 

1. The paint can significantly affect the lighting in the room 

Even if you purchase the most expensive and most beautiful light and install them in your house, you will never achieve the perfect lighting when you choose the wrong palette of paint. There are many things to consider for choosing paint but you can opt for colors that are sage and neutral such as white and mocha. 

2. You can make small rooms appear bigger 

There are two ways on how to achieve that optical illusion of making small rooms appear bigger. First, you can put mirrors that were used by Sir John Soane, and second, you can lift the ceiling to have a bigger space. This creates the illusion of a spacious room.  

3.Have more light by having more windows. 

One of the ways to achieve more lighting is to install more windows.  So, when you are remodeling your house, opt for more and larger windows. However, you can opt for a lighter shade of paint color instead of having larger windows as the latter is more costly.  

4.Invest in your door 

Doors create the first impression aside for the exterior design you have in your property. So, make sure that you create a good impression by making sure that your door has what it deserves. If you cannot change the whole door then you can make at least 50 percent changes to the door you want.